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When Women Succeed the World Succeeds

When Women Succeed the World Succeeds

When women succeed the world becomes a much better place to live. This is a fact, and not an opinion. The truth resonates throughout our history. The success of women is as important in the present as it was in the past. For example, working mothers are the primary breadwinners in over 40% of America's families. The challenges faced by women are real and more needs to be done to address the challenges that impede women's success in the workplace and elsewhere.

Women continue to bear the burden of outdated policies that diminish opportunities for women's full labor force participation. For example, women are faced with challenges centered around issues related to better high paying jobs. Undoubtedly, the work conditions for women need to improve so that women can maximize their full potential.

Many women and their families are struggling, unable to buy a home, pay for their children's college education, and save for smooth retirement. It does not have to be this way and should not be this way.

American women and women around the world have made great strides throughout history. In the United States more than165 years ago in Seneca Falls, the first women's rights convention addressed the status of women in social, economic, and political life. Women demanded that they be granted the same rights and privileges afforded to men. While progress has been made since the Seneca Fall convention the fight for justice, equal rights continues. Therefore, I call on all women around the globe to come together and promote women's agency. In that pursuit, I offer my policy recommendations to continue the fight for women's rights in the workplace and elsewhere so that women can maximize their full potential.

Policy Recommendations:

  1. Paycheck fairness

  2. Increased minimum wage

  3. More investment in job training and education opportunities for women and girls

  4. Protection and restoration of employment rights

  5. Heightened support for women entrepreneurs and women-owned small business

  6. Better family leave policies

  7. Effective and efficient tools to investigate wage discrimination

The objective is to ignite dialogue and raise awareness on all issues that impede women's

success in the workplace and elsewhere, because when women succeed the world succeeds.

Keyword: agency, autonomy, gender identity, justice, paycheck fairness, minimum wage, employment rights, family leave policies, wage discrimination

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