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International Women's Day: A Day of Intentional Purpose

In times of war, women have, and are considered the most vulnearable cohort, threatened by gender - based violence, fleeing war zones, and distrastrous circumstances, potentially targeted for high risk human trafficking, often excluded from formal negotiations to eradicate conflicts that damage, and to a large extent destroys a women's wellbeing.

Feminism stems from the belief that we create, and maintain a fair world for women, a world which we not only dream about, but be the doers of working to make it possible, a world whch we live free from fear and harm, a world where we can strive for and achieve parity and peace.

Recently, we have witnessed women in Ukraine, demonstrate acts of bravery in the pursuit to protect their families and communites. Similarly, women in Russia, Belarus protested in definace of invasion of Ukraine. These women, and others around the world have, and continue to demonstrate courage and resilience.

Notably, we have not failed women and girls, infact we have made significant progress, however more concerted effort is required to further advance women's empowerment agenda. Albeit, women's parity is easy to measure, however the pay in parity is still a pressing policy issue, and work in progress.

In October 2021, I published my book called The Color of Change: Rescue and Rebuild America. The book discusses soceital issues : rising income inequlity, systemic racism, police brutality, and other pressing issues that hinders ones progress. The book also focuses on the importance of progressive change to level the playing field for all to have a fair chance in succeeding in life.

All this is deeply connected to International Women's Day, we must becomd deliberate doers, change is both disruptive, and progressive, change is also inevitable. If we want to improve lives and streghthen communities than we must accept, and adapt to change. Increased job creatiion not only in STEM, but other areas that require skilled trade related to blue collar jobs. For instance, we need more carpenters, plumbers and electricians, increased skilled workers in these fields of interest.

Its a serious mistake to just promote, and advance white collar professionals we need more blue collared skiilled workers, we need to diminsh the scarcity of workers in fields related to carpentry, plumbing, welding etc. International Women's Day must draw attention to these issues, as they are core to the advancement of our society, furthermore they are central to my work as a policy professional.

Happy International Women's Day, lets make it a force for progressive change for all of us, and for future generations to come.

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