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Impact of Teachers Working Conditions on Teacher Turnover

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

By Anjiline Sirsikar

Research Question

Research questions guiding this study

1. Will increased higher teacher salaries help attract and retain teachers.

2. Is the small suggested percentage increase in teacher salary substantial enough to attract and retain teachers.


Teacher shortages is a growing nation-wide education policy problem. The existing theory holds that teacher shortages are largely due to demographic trends, low teacher salaries, and poor working conditions. This study investigates the impact of teachers working conditions on teacher turnover. The data utilized in this investigation are from NCES 1999- 2000 Schools and Staff Survey (SASS). The results of the analysis indicate school staffing problems are primarily due to teacher salaries, benefits and teachers control in the classroom. This means teachers don’t just consider salary as one of the reasons for moving within the teaching workforce. Teachers are more likely to consider benefits and having classroom control in their choice of school to teach. Further research is needed to better understand the cost-effectiveness of teacher’s salary increase and how it helps both attract and retain teachers.

Keywords: (teacher turnover, working conditions, teacher salaries, teacher’s autonomy in the classroom).

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